We give the buyer a 1 year guarantee against genetic health defects.  We also give a 72 hour health guarantee against life
threatening illnesses. The buyer agrees to take the puppy to a licensed Veterinarian to have it examined (at buyers cost) within 48
hours(holidays and weekends excluded) or the guarantee is void.  If the puppy is found to have a life threatening illness that will
cause death or if the puppy dies within the 72 hour guarantee time, the buyer must notify the breeder at once with the following

  • Date puppy was examined
  • Name, address and phone number of the licensed Veterinarian who examined the puppy
  • The diagnosis and all medical records
  • Autopsy if needed *

  • PLEASE NOTE: If the buyer decides to have the puppy treated for a life threatening illness instead of returning the
    puppy, the breeder will not be held responsible for any Veterinary bills and this guarantee becomes void.

The buyer needs to make arrangements to bring the puppy back to the breeder (at buyers cost) within 48 hours from the date of
diagnosis with the requested information and all registration paperwork.

The breeder will then take the puppy to her Veterinarian and if the same life threatening illness is confirmed or death occurs as a
result of a life threatening illness, the breeder will refund the price of the puppy at that time, or the buyer can choose a puppy from
the next litter. If it is found that the puppy does not have a life threatening illness, the buyer may take the puppy back and pay all
related Veterinarian costs. If the buyer declines to take the puppy back, no refund will be given.

The puppies are not guaranteed from minor things such as parasites, worms, etc.... which can be easily resolved with a trip to the vet
and some inexpensive medicine.

The buyer must keep the puppy current on all vaccinations after they leave our care for the health warranty to be valid.

Take a look at our contract for more details.